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Presented by: Jamie Fawcus
Produced by: Paulina Sundin

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Hugi Gu∂mundsson
Composition year: 2012
Duration: 2 min 35 sec
Performers: Hamrahlí∂arkórinn, Hanna Loftsdóttir conductor
CD/DVD: Djúpsins ró/Calm of the Deep
Smekkleysa SMK82

Synne Skouen
Composition year: 2007
Duration: 5 min 46 sec
Performers: Ellen Ugelvik piano, Johannes Martens cello
CD/DVD: Call-Notes
Norwegian Society of Composers ACD5062

Sergei Dmitriev Viluman
Marooned in Memories
Composition year: 2008
Duration: 6 min 20 sec
Performers: The Grand Flute Ensemble of Russia, The Moscow Conservatory
CD/DVD: Not Published

Simon Christensen
Towards Nothingness
Composition year: 2008
Duration: 9 min 16 sec
Performers: Silesian String Quartet
CD/DVD: Towards Nothingness
Dacapo Records cat# 8.226530

Lotta Wennäkoski
Culla d'aria
Composition year: 2004
Duration: 9 min 36 sec
Performers: Anna-Lena Haikola and Emma Vähälä violin, Tuula Riisalo viola, Mikko Ivars cello
CD/DVD: Lotta Wennäkoski - Culla d'aria - Avanti!
Alba Records ABCD 253

Hugi Gu∂mundsson
Händelslusive - II: Gigue 5
Composition year: 2009
Duration: 4 min 26 sec
Performers: Nordic Affect, Gu∂ni Franzson conductor
CD/DVD: Djúpsins ró/Calm of the Deep
Smekkleysa SMK82


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