Nordic Music Days 2019 in Bodø

The 51st edition of Nordic Music Days is happening in Bodø

 from November 13 to 17. The 2019 festival is arranged by The Norwegian Society of Composers
, with the theme TRUTH?

With this theme, we want to investigate whether music can provide moments of truth. Who owns the truth, who owns the story and who owns the art? Is it possible to discuss whether the music is true? Which repertoire becomes historical and what processes, structures and possibly coincidences form the historical writing?  Is the music, which is often wordless, more free than other forms of art? Is reality an antonym of art and artistry?

My story is as true as yours – but it will never be the same story. We will look at the importance of telling a wide range of stories and present many voices. Everyone owns their own truth.

The festival Nordic Music Days has been arranged since 1888, and is one of the oldest and most well respected festivals for contemporary classical music in the world. The festival serves as platform for international exchange between ensembles, musicians and repertoires in order to spread the music of Nordic composers, and is unique in the respect that it is arranged by the composers themselves. Each year one of our members, the national societies of composers, arranges the festival on behalf of the Council of Nordic Composers. You can read more about the history of the festival here.