Statement from the Nordic Council of Composers’ meeting in Copenhagen

On June 6, the Nordic Council of Composers and representatives from the various composer associations’ administrations in the Nordic countries met in Copenhagen. From the meeting, the Nordic Council of Composers has the following statement:

The Nordic Council of Composers recently performed a survey among Nordic composers, to examine the situation for commissions, co-commissions and performances of Nordic music across the national borders.

The survey shows that there is too little exchange of music between the Nordic countries. Only about 25 % of composers that participated in the survey have had commissions for new music from another Nordic country in the last five years, and only a small percentage of those who have had any activity across the borders have done so more than once.

It has become increasingly difficult to find funding for Nordic collaborations, and especially so for commissions and co-commissions, after the political restructuring of the Nordic cultural collaboration under NOMUS about 15 years ago.

There is now a need for new initiatives, and a renewed political framework to encourage positive development for composers, musicians, and cultural institutions in the Nordics. To develop music, composers and musicians on the highest level, international collaboration and close contact is necessary. The Council of Nordic Composers will therefore work to improve on this situation, both on a national and on a Nordic level.