The NCC presenting at the Nordic Orchestra Conference

The Nordic Council of Composers were present at the 43rd Nordic Orchestra Conference in Copenhagen 22-24 October, where representatives Jørgen Karlstrøm (Norsk Komponistforening), Martin Jonsson Tibblin (Foreningen Svenske Tonsättare) and Sine Tofte Hannibal (Dansk Komponistforening) presented findings from the new Nordic repertoire studies. The individual studies have tried to uncover to what extent new music, and to what extent music composed by women, is being performed by orchestras and publicly funded music institutions in the respective countries. The representatives from the Council also brought forward the topic of Nordic exchange and collaboration, discussing the rarity of Nordic composers being commissioned and performed in their neighbouring countries.

– It was valuable to discuss the findings of the Nordic repertoire studies with all the orchestral leaders from all of the Nordic countries. Even though we see positive trends, further work is needed, especially when it comes to exchanging Nordic repertoire between countries, says Chairman of the Norwegian Composer’s Union, Jørgen Karlstøm.


Featured photo by Anna Cokorilo Nicolay.