Statement from the Nordic Council of Composers’ meeting, March 16th 2020

All composers in the Nordic countries, regardless of gender, must have equal opportunities to obtain a reasonable substantial payment for their compositional work.

On March 16th, the Nordic Council of Composers met, within safe corona distance, in a zoom meeting. The meeting had two main focuses: women composers and sustainable business models for composers.

Many women composers in the Nordic countries experience not getting the same opportunities as their male colleagues, and discussions were made in the council about what kinds of initiatives could be taken in a joint Nordic effort to change this imbalance.

Another common Nordic challenge is how to create sustainable business models for composers and how to raise awareness on all the different aspects that create an income for composers today. How can we help the composers to become better businessmen?

There is a need for new initiatives to confront these challenges, and the Council of Nordic Composers will therefore work together on these subjects in 2020.