And the prize goes to…

On the opening night of Nordic Music Days in the Faroe Islands, September 1st, the Council of Nordic Composers awarded their honorary prize to Visby International Centre for Composers.

President for the Council of Nordic Composers, Sunleif Rasmussen, motivated the prize with these words:

This year’s winner of the NKR-prize has a long and glorious record behind. 1000 Composers in residence. 2000 guests, visitors and others involved in activities from almost 60 countries, and 1600 pieces are being composed at the center, played across the whole world, engaging musicians, conductors, listeners, media etc.

This special place has inspired composers from all over the world and has urged them to accomplish more than they had expected on beforehand. A creative paradise.

It was therefore not at all a difficult decision to take for the Nordic Council of Composers’ board, that the NKR prize 2021 should go to Visby International Centre for Composers.

Chairman of the Swedish Composers, Martin Jonsson Tibblin, received the prize om behalf of VICC as they were not able to be present at the event. With the statuette inspired by the Faroese rock formations and made by the renowned Faroese artist, Brandur Patterson, came with a check of 5000 Euro.

About the NKR prize
The Nordic Composers’ Council every year awards a candidate who has made an extraordinary effort for Nordic composers and Nordic composer life.

Photo: Malene Henssel